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Launch Date: 26 January 2021
Launching Status: Prelaunch / Start: 05.02.2021
Online Status: Unused
Evolution License: no
Signup Upgrade: no
Signup Bonus: PB: $0.23 + RR: 25pcs
Per click: Upto $0.01
RRs Coast: 25RRs=$5
min Withdrawal: $2
Forum: no
SSL Certificate: yes

Our independent statuses for PTC sites may differ from those on other resources.
StartUp-status is the initial assessment for a just launched site.
Startup-status will remain unchanged forever!
Acceptable values of StartUp-status: Promising or Doubtful.
Only sites with the StartUp-status "Promising" get to the TOP. Other sites are moved to the archive.
Online-status of the site may change after some time!
Acceptable values of Online-status: Open, Doubtful, Scam or Closed.

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